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My adventurs with Smartibot

Hello peeps, sorry it has been a while but I have been busy making. On today's blog post, I am sharing an awesome video from the guys at Crafty robot, that shows you how to make a cute robot from a milk carton (using the Smartibot Kit...) So here it is:
Since a few days ago, my Smartibot kit arrived (from Kickstarter), I have enjoyed building my little electronic friend! I have yet to hack a household item or toy, but that's next on the list! If you want to buy your own Smartibot go to The Crafty Robot
Welp that's it for today folks. see you next time... Love Gaia Cacti xxxxx
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Watercolour Painting at the beach

Hello peeps today's blog post is a few pics from today's adventure walk to the beach. Today's weather was predicted to be sunny! So my mum Melissa, our dog Fudge and I decided to walk to a beach. When we arrived at the beach (after having a paddle in the freezing cold sea), I decided to do a do a watercolor painting.  My watercolor painting ↟. 

#MondayMotivation -Bobby Duke Arts

Hello peeps today's  #MondayMotivaiton post is my favorite Youtuber 'Bobby Duke Arts'. Here is one of his videos where he makes an awesome flame sculpture from tin foil and gives it to somebody at the gas staiton...      Some of the reasons I love his channel are: the crazy dance moves in almost every video, making something amazeballs from just hardware supplies, and the funny voices...   Ahh well, that's it for today folks, I'me off to make some Bobby Duke inspired art. P.S. Make sure to subscribe to him pronto.  love Gaia Cacti xx

Watercolour paintings of the birds we saw in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 2019

Hello peeps, today my mum Melissa and I have been doing lots to help keep the wild birds happy. First, we made some more lard cakes (see 25/1/19's post for the recipe!) and hung them out where
the birds can reach.
After that, we settled down by my desk and the bay window (which I Keep my many houseplants on) to do the RSPB Big Garden Bird Wach.

We only saw two Blue Tits. But they came back twice!
Here is a photo of one of  Blue Tits that we spotted.↑

I also did a couple of watercolor paintings whilst we bird watched.  
Maybe the reason we didn't get many feathered visitors was that it has been VERY windy here in Cornwall, with wind speeds up to 70 miles per hour!   

Will it snow again this year in Cornwall?

Today I have been pondering whether it will snow again here in Cornwall UK, like it did last March... So I thought I would share with you some photos of when 'The Beast From The East' came to Cornwall.... I remember when it first started to snow I couldn't believe it, as it has only snowed three times before in the more than eight years that I have lived in Cornwall! But last years was the biggest lot of snow by far!  

No snow today but lots of wind. Back tomorrow with our results of our RSPB Big Garden Bird Wach. Over and out x

The Big Garden Bird Watch (and a free recipe for lard balls)

So "The Big Garden Bird Wach" is coming up (From the 26th to the  28th of Jan in fact!). My Mum and I are really looking forward to it, and have been counting down the days.  We decided to make some 'peanut meal worm and lard balls' to pass the time as we, *cough*, I  was getting rather inpatient... So I thought I would share my recipe with you. (coz you know, I might as well!) This recipe makes 4 balls.

Taking Stocks list

Hello peeps today's blog post is Pip Lincolne's "Taking Stocks list" that I copied from her. (Its OK she said I could. x) Ok here it is: 
Making: Happy Snail Mail to send to my Grandma (which I posted and forgot to put the stamp on)
Cooking: Marmite Stars (Check out 21/1/19's post for the recipe!). 
Sipping: Coconut water and Chinese tea (not at the same time obviously..)

Reading: Utterly me, Clarice Bean by Lauren Child.
Looking: At my plants and wondering whether to water them. Listening: To the Craig Charles funk and soul show.  Wishing: For Summer to arrive already! Enjoying: Playing with my new Tamagotchi.

Waiting: For my Kawaii backpack to arrive in the post.  Liking: My new desk set up. Loving: The fresh air of winter. Buying: Kawaii stationary.  Watching: The Last Man On Earth (an awesome show on Amazon Prime). Hoping: My lychee seedlings will grow and produce fruit (could be some time...) Needing: To Skateboard more.   Wearing: My favorite green plaid skirt. F…